Sneak Peek Preview

coming to Los Angeles in January, 2011! 

Featuring New & Vintage Fashions by 
New & Vintage Designers...all out of our mini 
fashion boutique on wheels!

Black Fri/Cyber Mon Sale Black Agate Stone Ring
Black Agate Stone Ring and Necklace, Fall 2010.
Vintage & Vintage-Inspired Handmade Jewelry.

Vintage Clothing & Accessories, Fall 2010. 
Vintage Finds @ Vintage Prices!

Black Fri/Cyber Mon Sale vintage mod houndstooth button earrings
Houndstooth Earrings, Fall 2010.

Check out our Sneak Peak Preview in Beverly Hills on Friday, Dec. 10th @ MySpace's Annual Holiday Boutique!  

Full details coming this week!