Q: "So you just pull up wherever you want and sell?"
A: No. Each city has their own list of municipal codes a business must follow. We obtain a permit/license from each city we operate in, adhere to the rules and regulations, and pay the appropriate city and/or county taxes.  Contact your local city hall to find out what requirements you must meet to do business in the city of your choice.

Q: "Do you make all your merchandise?"
A: No. Some of the jewelry is handmade by co-owner Jeanine Romo and some of the merchandise is vintage. We feature emerging clothing and jewelry designers from all across the world.

Q: "Where do you find your merchandise?"
A: Sometimes designers reach out to us and their brand is a perfect fit and we carry their line in the pink truck.  We also visit trade shows to find new designers.  We also visit the various showrooms available to us in Los Angeles.

Q: "How do you keep everything from falling when you drive?"
A: The clothing stays on the racks, the purses stay on the hooks, and the jewelry and accessories on the shelves go into a storage bin for safe keeping.

Q: "What kind of truck is Le Fashion Truck?"
A:  1974 Grumman Olsen

Q: "How long have you been doing this?"
A: We started planning Le Fashion Truck in September 2010 and opened on January 13, 2011. We've been in business in the truck for 2.5 years. We were both in business for ourselves starting in 2008 selling handmade jewelry and vintage purses.

Q: "How often is Le Fashion Truck out?"
A: 4-6 days each week, typically Thursday - Sunday.

Q: "Where does Le Fashion Truck go?"
A: Street fairs and festivals, farmers markets and street side all over Los Angeles including Hollywood, Downtown L.A., West L.A., Pasadena, Santa Monica and San Fernando Valley.

Q: "Is Le Fashion Truck available for private parties?"
A: Yes, Le Fashion Truck is available for a variety of events including Holiday Shopping, Ladies Night Out, Office Parties and more. Email us at events@lefashiontruck.com to book Le Fashion Truck at your next event.


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